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Need Some Ideas For Your New House Construction?

Need Some Ideas For Your New House Construction?

Nisswa home builderWhen you decide to build a new custom home, you’re going to start flipping through home magazines, creating idea books in Houzz, and making lots of trips to vendors to get ideas for your custom home.

Nisswa Home Builder, B-Dirt Construction LLC, was able to take all of their customer’s ideas and build them a beautiful custom lake home in Nisswa, MN. This custom home has wood flooring, a custom fireplace, vaulted ceilings, with reclaimed wood interior beams, and a deck to enjoy the Minnesota summers.

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In The Brainerd Lakes Area, Which Builder Is The Best?

Custom home builder B-Dirt Construction LLC serves the Brainerd Lakes area, Brainerd, Baxter, Crosslake, Nisswa, Walker, the Gull Lake Chain, Staples and other surrounding areas. B-Dirt Construction is not only known for their amazing custom home building, but for their excellent customer service. This is what one of their customers had to say about having Nisswa home builder, B-Dirt Construction build their custom home in the Brainerd Lakes Area.

"We highly recommend B-Dirt Construction LLC as a builder of high quality homes. We found from the very start they made what could have been a very stressful experience painless. They was no pressure as we explored our options and always prompt in presenting drawings, ideas and costs without any fees attached or contract signed. Once we made our decision to go with them we found the whole building process a joy. The team they have is great to work with, each and everyone of them even their subs. As an added bonus they even provide us with a beautiful place to live at no charge while our house was being built. The icing on the cake was they finished our project early allowing us to have ample time to get in before the holidays! We are ecstatic with the end result!! ”

Paul and Sandi | North Long Lake

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How Would You Search For The Best Home Builder?

How Would You Search For The Best Home Builder?

How Would You Search For The Best Home Builder?When searching for the best builder in Crosslake, or surrounding area, you want to make sure you pick a custom home builder that is going to listen to your ideas and makes the process of building a custom home stress free and enjoyable. What better way to start searching for a custom home builder than by talking to the people closest to you. Start with seeking advice from relatives, friends, or people in the community who have experience with custom home builders building their new home.

You may turn to the Web to look for your new custom home builder. When you find one that you like, find out what type of construction they do, or specialize in. Check out what people are saying about them on their reviews section. If they have a great amount of excellent reviews from their previous customers, that is a good sign. Another thing you want to do is look at pictures of homes they have built to get an idea of what styles are trending, what styles they specialize in, and what kind of elements you might want incorporated into your new home.

Crosslake home builder, B-Dirt Construction LLC of the Brainerd Lakes Area, was able to build one of their customers’ dream homes. This two story Crosslake custom home has exterior Trusses, custom stone pillars, a custom fireplace, wood floors, and wood ceilings. Crosslake home builder, B-Dirt Construction LLC really made this custom home a head turner.

Go to to check out what customers are saying about their custom home building experience with B-Dirt Construction.

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What Would You Include If You Were Building a New House?

What Would You Include If You Were Building a New House?

What Would You Include If You Were Building a New House?When building a new custom home in Baxter, MN, or any other location that we service, you have the great opportunity to make everything personalized to you and your lifestyle. There are so many options for you to choose from. You have the option of building a one story or two story home, having a custom fireplace, custom cabinets, a four season porch, vaulted ceilings, or even a custom tile shower in your master bathroom. Again there is so much open space for your ideas to be incorporated into your new custom home.

Baxter, MN custom home builder, B-Dirt Construction LLC of the Brainerd Lakes Area was able to build one of these custom homes in Baxter, MN. B-Dirt Construction was able to incorporate all of the customer’s ideas. This customer envisioned dark brown stained custom cabinets by the dining area, custom white cabinets in the kitchen, and a patio in the back where they can enjoy the Minnesota summers.

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The Best Custom Home Builders Near Me

The Best Custom Home Builders Near Me

Turner KitchenCustom home builder B-Dirt Construction LLC serves Brainerd, Baxter, Crosslake, Nisswa, Walker, the Gull Lake Chain and other surrounding areas. They have built many new custom homes in these areas. They see what you see for your new custom home. B-Dirt Construction LLC of the Brainerd Lakes Area wants to build your personal style, lifestyle, and building ideas into your custom home. They want to take your vision of your dream home to reality and ultimately live in a home you love.

Nisswa home builder, B-Dirt Construction was able to tie in one their customer's personal style, lifestyle, and building ideas into their custom home. This new construction Nisswa home has solid wood flooring, white plank boarding on the walls, wood interior beams, custom white cabinets along with dark brown accents which gives this custom home a modern, rustic, and elegant look.

B-Dirt Construction LLC, Nisswa home builder, was involved in the 2016 MMBA Spring Home Tour and won the "Best of Show" award with this Nisswa custom home. This custom home really has that wow factor and is definitely a prize winner.

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What Are Some Helpful Tips When Starting the Process of Building Your Custom Home?

Crosslake home builder

When starting the process of building your custom home, it is exciting, stressful, and fun, all at the same time. You may ask yourself where do I start?

Here are some helpful tips to get you started with your custom home building ideas. One tip is to talk to friends, relatives, or people in your community who have experience working with a custom home builder. Ask them questions to get some advice on building a custom home. They might have ideas to help you get started on the process. Another helpful tip would be try to picture what features you want inside your home. That way you can have a general idea, and then you can start adding in the details.

When you have chosen your custom home builder and it comes time to meet with them, it may be helpful to bring pictures, samples of materials, or sketches of what you want your custom home to look like, from the inside out. Another thing to discuss with your custom home builder is changes. Changes when designing your custom home is nothing out of the norm. You may want a fiberglass shower in your master bathroom, then later you might decide you want a custom tile shower instead. Find out their process of changes and make note of it.

Crosslake home builder, B-Dirt Construction LLC of the Brainerd Lakes Area, was able to build one of their customers’ dream homes. B-Dirt was able to capture the customers ideas, and the design they wanted, while working through a strict budget. This two-story Crosslake cabin has custom cabinets, a custom fireplace, and an open loft, which makes this house unique.

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New Construction & Custom Homes

New Construction & Custom Homes

Best Show MMBA Award 2018.JPGThis past fall, B-Dirt Construction, LLC was part of the 2018 MMBA Fall Home Tour event. B-Dirt Construction left the event with the "Best of Show" award. This award winning custom lake home, on the Gull Lake Chain, includes two master suites, along with wood burning fireplaces in both the living room, and the four season porch. This two story home also has a tuck under garage to store all of your lake essentials.

This new construction Brainerd home has custom cabinetry, custom tile layouts, wood wall accents, and solid wood flooring, along with white trim, that brings out the rustic elegance that B-Dirt Construction is known for.

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5 Important Questions to Ask When Building a Home

5 Important Questions to Ask When Building a HomeDid looking for your dream home turn you into a ball of frustration?

Everyone talks about how amazing it is to finally have your dream home, but nobody talks about how awful the process is to get there.

Well, good news - you don't have to shop for that dream house. The best way to ensure you have the home you've always wanted is to build it from scratch.

Of course, building a custom home can also come with some uncertainties. So, you'll want to make sure you do tons of research and ask plenty of questions.

Do you want to know what to ask? Keep reading to discover 5 important questions to ask when building a home.

1. What Is My Budget?

Alright, we're going to start with the questions you need to ask yourself.

Building your home is a big investment, and you'll need to set a budget for yourself. However, this may be slightly different from the budget you had to buy a house.

Your newly-built house will not need any renovations or upgrades. So, if you budgeted $170,000 for buying a home and $30,000 for upgrades, you can combine these and spend the full $200,000 on building your dream home.

2. Does This Design Fit My Needs?

This is another question you'll need to ask yourself before you commit to building your home. When you work with a home builder, you'll talk about your needs in a home and they'll come back to you with a design.

Make sure you look over every detail and ask yourself if it meets all your needs. Does it have enough bathrooms and bedrooms? Is the kitchen big enough? Is there enough storage space?

Don't be afraid to ask the home builder to alter or add things to the design. They want to ensure you have the home of your dreams, so they'll work with you on the design until your happy.

3. What Is the Timeline?

Once you've committed to a design, you'll probably be anxious to get the process started. But building a home takes an average of 7 months.

One of the most important questions to ask a home builder is for a timeline. You'll want it to include a start and end date as well as completion dates for different aspects of the home.

4. What Materials Do You Work With?

A huge part of designing a home is picking the materials it'll be made out of.

If you don't know a whole lot about materials, ask your builder what your options are for different aspects of your home. You may also ask if they work with eco-friendly building materials if you want to limit your carbon footprint.

5. What Should We Expect Moving Forward?

When you meet with your home builder, a lot of information will be conveyed on both sides. You may go home and find out that you and your partner have different understandings of what will happen next.

Ask your builder what you should expect moving forward. How often will you need to communicate with your builder? Will you need to okay any decisions in the building process?

This is the best way to ensure everyone is on the same page and the process of building your dream home goes smoothly.

Questions to Ask When Building a Home

If you're thinking about building your next home, you may not know what to expect. Be sure to follow our guide to learn what questions to ask when building a home, so you stay informed and stress-free.

Are you ready to take the next steps? Contact us today to get started on your custom home in Minnesota.

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How to Find a Good Builder for Your Custom Home

How to Find a Good Builder for Your Custom HomeBuilding a house from the ground up can feel like a dream come true, but it can also turn into a nightmare if you're not careful!

You need to invest in the best resources if you want the planning and building process to be as stress-free as possible. This means choosing the right architect, interior designer, home builder, and property inspector for the job. You may also have to work with other kinds of contractors to get every detail just right.

At the end of the day, the quality of your new home falls on you and the decisions you make.

Here's how to find a good builder for your new home.

1. Look at Different Portfolios

A home builder's portfolio helps you get a feel for the quality of work they can create. It shows you their attention to detail and the way they put different spaces in a home together, and the eye for the design they have, too.

Most builder's portfolios will be pretty impressive if they've been in this business for a while. However, only one or two of them will really stand out and speak to you.

2. Read Reviews and Testimonials

Once you've found a few home builders who've caught your eye, take a closer look. Check out their client reviews.

Notice if a builder went above and beyond expectations or if they only provided an average level of service.

Pay attention to the reviews that talk about conflict resolution during the building process, professionalism, and timeliness. These are the details that can make or break how well you and a builder work together.

3. Meet a Few Builders in Person

To really get a feel for how you'll be able to work with a home builder, meet with them.

Set up a few consultations and talk to each company's representative about your vision for the home and the ideal amount of time in which you'd like everything to be done. Notice how receptive each company is to your ideas and their willingness to make your vision come to life.

Ask yourself if you feel like you'll be able to collaborate or if you get more of a sense that the builders will take the lead. Both possibilities create good results, but you want to go with the one that makes the most sense for you.

4. Consider a Builder's Availability

Make sure you ask about a builder's availability during your consultation. The thing about finding the best home builders is that they won't exactly be able to start on your project tomorrow. You may be waiting a month or two until your project can officially begin depending on how busy the builders already are.

5. Ask for a Timeline

Keep in mind that there's a big difference between a project's starting time and it's date of completion. Get an estimated timeline from your top choices of builders to work with.

The rate at which their work can be completed matters just as much as the quality of work they produce. The difference between a few projected timelines may be the detail you need to help you make your final decision.

How to Find a Good Builder in Your Area

It's not every day you decide to build a new home, so you want to make sure you've hired the best people for the job. Use the tips above to help you do just that, and remember - the sooner you figure out how to find a good builder in your area, the better.

If you're looking to build in Brainerd, Minnesota, you've come to the right place!

Click here to discover everything we can do for you.

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Building Your Dream Home: 6 Tips for Designing Your Custom Home

Building Your Dream HomeSir Richard Branson is famous as the boss of Virgin Group and as the owner of a very special custom home on Necker Island in the Caribbean. The design is important to him.

From the iconic Tubular Bells album sleeve to his dreams to build the "sexiest spaceship" ever, he values great design.

Thinking about building your dream home? Designing your perfect house is the first step, so check out these tips for a great design.

1. Sketch Away

You don't need clever software and design technology. A pad and pencil are a good place to start. Sketch ideas you have about your dream home.

You don't have to be good at drawing. Sketches for the basis for discussions with friends and family and also with architects and builders. They are a starting point for other ideas.

Sketch plan views and elevation sketches from different angles. Visualize the implications of interior designs on the exterior of the building. Try out different options while the implications of getting it wrong are the cost of a new notebook.

2. Plan Ahead

Make some assumptions about how long you expect to live in this house. As you do this, consider what life changes might happen to you. Plan to take account of these in your design.

If this is a retirement home you may be in great health now. Try to anticipate the implications of mobility problems in later life. I know you've always wanted to incorporate a fireman's pole into a house design but should you make it wheelchair accessible too?

If you plan to have children or grandchildren, is the design child-friendly? Is the pool safe? Do you have enough rooms for the little guests you may have in the future?

3. Story Board It

Getting your ideas across to others is sometimes difficult. Making sure they are coherent is also a challenge. Using a storyboard can help with this.

Cut out inspirational pictures from design or lifestyle magazines. Print out ideas from websites and blogs. Take photographs whenever you see a design feature, building or room that excites you.

Assemble these images and ideas in a scrapbook. Make notes and add sketches next to the images. Use it to stimulate discussions and creative thinking.

4. Check the Lay of the Land

If your vision is of your dream house you may have clear ideas about the interior and even the exterior. It's really important to consider the context that the house will sit in. For this, you need to know where it will be.

Imagine or sketch the house in the landscape. Workout how it will be orientated. Understand the lay of the land.

Slopes can make a huge difference to a house. Will you need to excavate? Will some of the house be underground?

5. Light and Heat

Where will the sun come up and go down? Where will shadows fall? Where is the best place for a garden or barbeque area?

Will there be hot or cold areas? Is the site surrounded by trees and will this have an impact? Consider if trees may grow to affect the view and light.

6. Get Your Priorities Right

Make a wish list and prioritize it. If it's essential that you have five bedrooms rank it in a priority list higher than the non-essential but desirable humidor. Prioritizing will be important when you start turning your dreams into a budget.

One imagines, even Sir Richard Branson has a budget. His may be bigger than yours but he has priorities just like you do.

Plan for Success When Building Your Dream Home

Better to decide your plans before the first spade full of earth is dug. Changes are usually much more expensive after you've started work on building your dream home. Take your time and get it right on paper first.

To talk to someone about your custom home dreams, click here.

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