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Every Step and Stone

Every Step and StoneLet's face it...building a home is a daunting prospect. That's why B-Dirt, Brainerd residential home builder, has built a solid reputation as being the company you can trust to be with you every step, and stone, of the way. Our team of over 25 highly-skilled experts will guide you through the process, and we have specialists in every department to help you along the way. With B-Dirt Construction, you're never alone...there is always someone here for you! From our initial discussions and planning using our popular CAD 3D software, to handing the keys over and the final walkthrough, B-Dirt is the best choice to deliver your dream home on time and on budget. Call us today at (218) 821-5243, and find out what makes B-Dirt the best in the business!

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Get What You Want

GullLakeHomeBuilderYour building ideas, lifestyle and personal tastes all go into creating a home that is uniquely you. At B-Dirt Construction, we take all of those components and project them for you in a visual way. Utilizing the latest 3-D software, we can make your vision come to life, before lifting a single board. Changing interiors and exteriors, colors and materials, all help refine your home. We take out the guesswork, so ultimately, you get what you want.

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B-Dirt is Digging Your Scene

b2ap3_thumbnail_BrainerdResidentialConstructionCompany_20151020-200744_1.jpgB-Dirt, Brainerd's top custom-builder, received a recent query from a client looking to build a 1,700 square foot home on Peavey Lake, northwest of Onamia, wondering if we built in that area. The answer is yes! In fact we are currently building a small cabin on the north side of Sullivan Lake.

Wherever you would like to set your scene, B-Dirt is ready to dig it! Whether you have some plans in mind, incomplete plans, or a model all picked out, B-Dirt would love to meet with you and discuss all your needs. Call today for your no-cost consultation. We look forward to building with you!

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Do You Have Home Designers On Staff Or Do I Hire My Own?


One of the main values of using B-Dirt Construction for your home building needs is that we have two home designers right on staff. Having your building designer and builder in one place has countless advantages, from both a cost and aesthetic perspective. We can tell you up front what home features may add cost but not value, and which features will add value but not necessarily add cost.

Our goal is to design into your budget. We will work closely with you and discuss all of your needs for your home, as well as making your style and square footage goals fit within your budget. We look at every aspect of your experience, from ideal location on your piece of property, to the finishing touches on every design aspect.

We will let you know up front what your costs will be with B-Dirt before you spend a single penny. We will finish your home on time, on budget, and keep in constant communication with you every step of the way. Contact B-Dirt Construction (Brainerd, MN) today 218-821-5243 for your free consultation, and watch our CAD 3D software bring your dream to life!

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Trust Your Builder


B-Dirt Construction (Brainerd, MN home builders) knows that people pick home builders based on trust. It is important to find a builder who will:

  • work with you
  • keep you within your budget
  • deliver results on time
  • stay true to your vision.

B-Dirt not only does all of this, but we pride ourselves on keeping you updated through every step of the building process. We send you weekly reports on progress and are always on hand to answer any questions or concerns that you may have.

When you build with us, you become part of the family. Call us today 218-821-5243 and set up your free consultation. Let B-Dirt Construction show you what sets us apart!

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How Long Are Home Plans Good For?


Barring any code changes, B-Dirt Construction (Brainerd, MN) home plans are good forever. We do own the design, and will help you every step of the way to make sure you are staying within your desired budget. This is a point of pride with B-Dirt Construction, and we have built our reputation on it.

B-Dirt Construction plans aren't finalized until right up when construction is about to start, so there is plenty of flexibility for changes. If you are thinking of building your custom dream home in the future and want to get started planning now, give us a call! We will walk you through the process and you'll leave with all of the information you need to make the best decision for you and your family. Contact us today 218-821-5243 for your free, no-obligation consultation.

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What Happens After We Meet?


B-Dirt Construction (Brainerd, MN home builders) prides itself on our initial free consultations. We like to use this opportunity to get to know you and your building or remodeling goals. We will go over your wants, needs, and budget, as well as using our latest CAD 3D software to give you a clear picture of what your finished project will look like. After our first meeting, you will walk away with a good feeling and a clear sense of which direction you wish to go.

Our second meeting will then go over the finer points of our plans and budget. The third meeting will go over any iterations or changes in plan, and we will finalize our contract and plans. Contact B-Dirt Construction today 218-821-5243 to set up your free, no obligation consultation. We look forward to meeting you!

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