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Roll With It

Roll With It BrainerdB-Dirt, Brainerd residential home builder, understands better than most how many decisions go into crafting the finishing touches on your dream home. We understand that sometimes we change our mind about wanting a brick rather than stone fireplace, or wanting to add additional windows, or even different door knobs. B-Dirt keeps in constant contact with you as progress is being made, so you will know well in advance when you may request any revisions. B-Dirt strives to keep you well within your budget, and will let you know how any changes will affect it. With B-Dirt, you build with trusted experts who want to give you all the finishing touches you desire to make your custom house your dream home. Revision needed? We will roll with it. Call (218)-821-5243 today and discover the B-Dirt difference.

Energy Efficiency

Crosslake custom home builderB-Dirt, Crosslake custom home builder, offers the very best in energy efficiency for our clients. Our skilled employees use the most modern, proven techniques to maximize the value and efficiency of your new home. Our Insulating Concrete Forms (ICFs) greatly reduce heat loss. Blown-in blanket insulation offers maximum coverage and increases the value of your home. B-Dirt also offers dual-heat systems which allow you to switch between gas and electric heat, along with lower kilowatt rates at most utilities. Our James Hardie cement board siding has won numerous awards for its durability. When you build with B-Dirt, you're not only building your dream home, you're ensured the best possible investment for the future. Call (218)-821-5243 today and become part of the B-Dirt family. We look forward to building with you!

Building On You

Brainerd custom home builderB-Dirt, Brainerd custom home builder, knows that you are the most important part of any project. When you build with B-Dirt, you become part of our family, and we take that relationship seriously. Building a home can be a very daunting experience, especially if you've never done it before! That's why B-Dirt not only educates you on the process every step of the way, starting with visualizing with our popular CAD 3D software, but keeps in constant communication with you as your project is being completed. We'll even put you and your family up in a townhome for free until your home is finished (based on availability). Best skilled workers, best quality materials, best energy-efficient ideas, and best loyalty to budget are but a few of the reasons that B-Dirt is the superior choice for building your dream home. Call (218)-821-5243 today and join the B-Dirt family. We look forward to meeting with you!

Reboot or Rebuild

Crosslake custom home builderB-Dirt, Crosslake custom home builder, draws from a wealth of experience in both commercial and residential projects. With over 22 skilled employees, B-Dirt offers only the very best products and services when you become part of our family. We realize how daunting the prospect of remodeling or building a home can be, which is why we make it as seamless as possible for you, keeping you educated and informed every step of the way. If you're not sure what makes more sense for you, to reboot an existing area or rebuild completely, we will go over your options and offer expert advice during your no-cost consultation. At B-Dirt, we pride ourselves on customer satisfaction. We don't simply build projects, we build relationships. Call (218)-821-5243 today and set up your consultation. We look forward to building with you!

A Home For All Seasons

Brainerd general contractorB-Dirt, Brainerd general contractor, also proudly serves Aitkin, Alexandria, Baxter, Crosslake, Fifty Lakes, Gull Lake, Walker, and surrounding areas. One increasingly popular service we offer is conversion of your seasonal or lake home into a year-round residence. Whether you're retiring or just looking to settle into one place, B-Dirt makes your dreams come true. Perhaps only minor additions are needed. Perhaps you want to add an additional wing or level to accommodate visiting family. Whatever your vision, B-Dirt will bring it to life on time and on budget. Call (218)-821-5243 today and build your dreams with B-Dirt.

Welcome Additions

Brainerd residential contractorB-Dirt, Brainerd residential contractor, knows that often the best way of getting the home of your dreams is building on what you already have. Home additions are an excellent way to redo your space and update your living areas. What's more, when you join the B-Dirt family, you are guaranteed the best materials, the best craftsmanship, and the best contractors. When you build with B-Dirt, your project will be delivered on time and on budget. Make this year your year. Add that master suite. Put in that sun porch. Add a whole new floor. Our popular CAD 3D software brings your vision to life before the first board is even purchased. Call (218)-821-5243 today and discover the B-Dirt difference.

Change With The Seasons

Change With The SeasonsJust as seasons come and go each year, we also have seasons in our lives. B-Dirt, Brainerd residential home builder, is on hand to help your home change and adapt with your seasons. Redesign your seasonal cabin into a year-round residence for retirement with B-Dirt. We will get your construction completed on time and on budget. Visualize your redesign first with your free consultation utilizing our popular CAD 3D software. Trust B-Dirt to offer you the best energy-saving additions and options to make your investment a sound one for the future. Turn your seasonal house into your dream retirement home. Call (218) 281-5243 today and get started!

Busy As A B-Dirt!

Busy As A B-Dirt!That's right, this is the busy season for us at B-Dirt! Your favorite Crosslake custom home builder is digging into building season full force, and now is the time to get your projects in the books! Whether you are looking to start from scratch or remodel, call us today (218) 281-5243 to set up your free consultation. Using our latest CAD 3D software technology, we will show you what your project will look like before the first board is even hammered. B-Dirt specializes in using the finest materials and latest, most energy-efficient ideas for your home. We'll even put you up in a townhome for free while your project is being completed! When you build with B-Dirt, you're family. Experience the B-Dirt difference today.

The Word Is Out

The Word Is OutB-Dirt, Brainerd residential home builder, knows that there is no higher praise than that from a satisfied customer. That's why we were thrilled to read this recent review:

"My wife and I recently finished building a house with B-Dirt, a builder in the Brainerd Lakes area. We wanted to share our experience, which was very positive, especially considering this is the first time we had ever undertaken any project larger than minor remodeling or landscaping.

We purchased a lot in Nisswa in 2014...Our goal was to work with a Lakes-area builder with a good reputation who could help us in all phases, from design through execution and finishing details. It was also important for us to have a strong working partnership and relationship with our builder—we live about 2.5 hours away in the Twin Cities , so the whole project was done long-distance, which made good communication critical. We really feel like we hit the jackpot when we found B-Dirt, a family run company with expertise in all phases: design, project execution, and finishing details.

We worked initially with an architect to develop the floor plan and other internal and external specifications. B-Dirt....offered proactive suggestions and modifications to improve it further...We next received a very detailed and thorough bid...

...we quickly became very impressed with the organization and communication from our project coordinator, who kept us on task and directed us to different wholesalers and suppliers so we could order all the parts and supplies we needed on a timely basis to keep us on schedule. When changes to the original specs were made, we knew right away how that would affect project costs, which allowed us to adjust our budget accordingly...

...the B-Dirt finishing team was very responsive in accommodating last-minute details...offering to do any additional work to make sure we were happy and satisfied customers. We are absolutely thrilled with how our house turned out, and love all the living spaces—especially the great room and kitchen. B-Dirt helped us combine classic and contemporary design elements throughout as well...

In summary, B-Dirt provided everything we were looking for in a builder: high quality workmanship, excellent communication, attention to detail, and responsiveness to the many changes we wanted to make.

We would not hesitate to recommend B-Dirt to anyone considering new construction in the Brainerd-Lakes area!"

We at B-Dirt are excited by excellent reviews like this, and look forward to many more! Call us today (218) 821-5243 and discover the B-Dirt difference!

Solid Foundation

Solid FoundationB-Dirt Construction, Crosslake custom home builder, didn't build such a stellar reputation by accident. We stand by our work, use only the best quality materials, and build a solid foundation not just with our projects, but with our clients! B-Dirt knows how daunting building or remodeling a home can be, especially if you've never done it before! That's why you can trust our team of experts right on staff to walk you through the process every step of the way, and keep in constant communication with you as your project unfolds. You never have to wait and wonder with B-Dirt. Questions? We are here for you! Our designers and builders are part of our staff of qualified specialists who deliver nothing but the best workmanship to our valued clients. B-Dirt uses energy-efficient materials such as ICF (Insulating Concrete Forms), blown-in blanket insulation, and dual-heat systems that allow you to switch between gas and electric heat. We'll even put your family up in a townhome for free while your project is being completed! Experience the B-Dirt difference. There is nothing like becoming part of our B-Dirt family!

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