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Fall Lakes Area Home Tour - This Weekend

Fall Home Tour MAP

Visit B-Dirt Construction this weekend - September 9th-11th 2016 at the Fall Lakes Area Free Self-Guided Home Tour.Visit B-Dirt Construction this weekend - September 9th-11th 2016 at the Fall Lakes Area Free Self-Guided Home Tour.

Visit B-Dirt Construction this weekend - September 9th-11th 2016 at the Fall Lakes Area Free Self-Guided Home Tour.

Home #6
10928 Pillsburg Circle SW
Nisswa, MN 56468

B-Dirt Construction invites you to visit “The Retreat.” Not only is it the name of the Pillsbury Forest area development where our featured home is located, but it also embodies the feel of this craftsmanstyle home. Rustic charm blends with white-painted nickel space walls, a trend that is quickly rising in popularity. Rough sawn kitchen and fireplace accents compliment the ash flooring. B-Dirt prides itself on detailed finishes that bring to life the vision of the families residing in the homes that we build.

Directions: From Brainerd take Highway 371 North turn West on CR 77 (Pine Beach Road) to Beauty Lake Road to Pillsbury Drive SW to 10928 Pillsbury Circle SW.

Dream Cabin

Dream CabinThis is the year. You're finally going to build that dream cabin you've always wanted. You've purchased the lot, now you need the best builders. That's where B-Dirt, Brainerd custom home builder, comes in. B-Dirt has a solid reputation for delivering the best projects, using superior products, on time and on budget. When you build with B-Dirt, you become part of the family. Our experienced staff works with you from the initial consultation through the finished project and beyond. Our on-site inspection will determine the best placement for your cabin, and we will work with you on every detail from the ground up. B-Dirt's CAD 3D software helps bring your vision to life, and we will add all the finishing touches that personalize your space and make it truly your own. Experience the B-Dirt difference building your dream cabin. Call (218)-821-5243 today. We look forward to meeting you!

From Cabin to Oasis

From Cabin to OasisYou love your cabin. It's your home away from home, and your refuge for years. Now you've decided to make it your retirement home and year-round residence. What comes next? B-Dirt! B-Dirt, Crosslake custom home builder, also specializes in remodeling and renovation. Whatever you need to turn your cabin into your permanent oasis, B-Dirt will get it finished on time and on budget. The first step is to set up your initial consultation, where we will meet with you on-site and determine the structure and plan for your project. We will consider all your lifestyle factors and how much space is needed for yourself and visitors, as well as any finishing touches you may want to add.

Adding on to your existing home or cabin, B-Dirt does it all. Call (218)-821-5243 today and get started turning your cabin into your retirement oasis! We look forward to building with you.

Building on You

Building on You CrosslakeB-Dirt, Crosslake custom home builder, knows that when it comes to choosing the look of your new home, seeing is believing. That's why we at B-Dirt walk you through the process every step of the way. When it comes time to select your exterior look, we bring you to the lumber yard so you can see the options for things like doors and shingles, to get a better idea of how they will appear on your home. Seeing a photo is one thing, but actually being able to explore textures and colors is so important. Your custom home is the investment of a lifetime, and B-Dirt makes certain you get the home of your dreams. Our expert staff will advise you which options fit best for your needs and budget. Trust your custom home to the B-Dirt team who shares your vision. Call (218)-821-5243 today and set up your free consultation. You'll be so glad you did!

Your Own Home Show

Your Own Home Show BrainerdWhen you build with B-Dirt, Brainerd custom home builder, you get so much more than a custom home. B-Dirt makes sure you get your dream home, down to the smallest details. Not only that, B-Dirt keeps you on time and on budget. We will find a way to make your vision come to life, without breaking your budget. B-Dirts team of experts walks you through the process of choosing all your finishes and finishing touches, offering you many options until you are satisfied. If there are details you haven't even considered yet, such as trim style on door frames or plumbing fixtures, B-Dirt will guide you through your selections and find a fit that is right for you. Call (218)-821-5243 today and discover what makes B-Dirt the perfect fit for your own home show-worthy dream home!

The Right Stuff

Brainerd custom home builderWhen it comes to building your dream home, B-Dirt, Brainerd custom home builder, has the right stuff. Our dedicated, knowledgeable staff guides you every step of the way. B-Dirt knows that custom-home building can be a daunting task, which is why we build a solid foundation not just with your home, but with you. Our priority is delivering your project on time and on budget. We have what it takes to keep your project moving on schedule, and ensuring that your selections are the ones that make into your home in a timely manner. At B-Dirt, this is what we do. We deliver excellence at every stage: from before the project starts and choosing exteriors, to interior painting and flooring, to light fixtures and other details. If you're going to build a custom home, you deserve the best. That's the B-Dirt difference. We'll even set your family up in a townhome for free (based on availability) until your project is complete. Call (218)-821-5243 today and set up your free consultation. What are you waiting for?

Decisions, Decisions

Crosslake custom home builderB-Dirt, Crosslake custom home builder, offers expert guidance every step of the way when making all the myriad decisions for your dream home. We guide you through the process and custom-tailor your plans to best fit your vision and budget. From exterior choices such as siding, siding color, roofing, and garage doors, to interior cabinets, sinks, fixtures, and doors—B-Dirt is here to assist. Not only that, but our staff directs you to trusted vendors to help with exterior selections, flooring to countertops, doorknobs to light fixtures, B-Dirt will help you select it all. B-Dirt works within your budget and knows which factors affect both your budget and the style of your home. If you have an expensive vision but less expansive budget, the expert staff at B-Dirt will walk you through more cost-effective options. Whatever your dream, we will bring it to life. That's the B-Dirt difference. Call (218)-821-5243 today for your free consultation.

Roll With It

Roll With It BrainerdB-Dirt, Brainerd residential home builder, understands better than most how many decisions go into crafting the finishing touches on your dream home. We understand that sometimes we change our mind about wanting a brick rather than stone fireplace, or wanting to add additional windows, or even different door knobs. B-Dirt keeps in constant contact with you as progress is being made, so you will know well in advance when you may request any revisions. B-Dirt strives to keep you well within your budget, and will let you know how any changes will affect it. With B-Dirt, you build with trusted experts who want to give you all the finishing touches you desire to make your custom house your dream home. Revision needed? We will roll with it. Call (218)-821-5243 today and discover the B-Dirt difference.

Energy Efficiency

Crosslake custom home builderB-Dirt, Crosslake custom home builder, offers the very best in energy efficiency for our clients. Our skilled employees use the most modern, proven techniques to maximize the value and efficiency of your new home. Our Insulating Concrete Forms (ICFs) greatly reduce heat loss. Blown-in blanket insulation offers maximum coverage and increases the value of your home. B-Dirt also offers dual-heat systems which allow you to switch between gas and electric heat, along with lower kilowatt rates at most utilities. Our James Hardie cement board siding has won numerous awards for its durability. When you build with B-Dirt, you're not only building your dream home, you're ensured the best possible investment for the future. Call (218)-821-5243 today and become part of the B-Dirt family. We look forward to building with you!

Building On You

Brainerd custom home builderB-Dirt, Brainerd custom home builder, knows that you are the most important part of any project. When you build with B-Dirt, you become part of our family, and we take that relationship seriously. Building a home can be a very daunting experience, especially if you've never done it before! That's why B-Dirt not only educates you on the process every step of the way, starting with visualizing with our popular CAD 3D software, but keeps in constant communication with you as your project is being completed. We'll even put you and your family up in a townhome for free until your home is finished (based on availability). Best skilled workers, best quality materials, best energy-efficient ideas, and best loyalty to budget are but a few of the reasons that B-Dirt is the superior choice for building your dream home. Call (218)-821-5243 today and join the B-Dirt family. We look forward to meeting with you!

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